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Saturday, Oct 29th / 6:00 pm / Estonian National Museum, bridge area

Slow Motion Orchestra / Estonia


Raun Juurikas – keyboards

Mihkel Mälgand – bass instruments

Ahto Abner – drums


Slow Motion Orchestra is an group of three renowned jazz musicians: Mihkel Mälgand (bass instruments), Raun Juurikas (keyboards) and Ahto Abner (drums).

Their common dream of a trio came true in 2020 when the restrictions gave everyone enough time and freedom to sit down and think. Twenty years of making music in many different groups had covertly helped create a common vision of improvisation journeys among the members.

The deciding moment came with recording the album ‘Algus’ (Beginning), during which the musicians, in their own words, managed to create an honest representation of their inner thoughts and feelings without making any previous arrangements.

At the concert, the group will invite the audience on a journey powered by improvisation and the will to inspire. Listeners have described the music of Slow Motion Orchestra as a safe mind-opening hideout for dealing with one’s thoughts and feelings.

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